Certification Board for Obesity Educators

The Certification Board for Obesity Educators (CBOE)

The objective of the CBOE is to establish an examination-based credential for any qualified healthcare professional that treats obese patients.  The credential must rest upon a generally accepted model of obesity treatment that recognizes the condition as a chronic recurring disease.

The problem of course is that there exists no model of obesity treatment that is generally accepted and the definition of qualified healthcare professional is very broad.

During 2007 we assembled a panel of advisors to draft a document that we entitled Certified Obesity Counselor Program. The goal of this effort was to move, as close as is practical, to a document that reflects those aspects of the clinical treatment of obesity that are most important. The goal was not perfection, but rather a result that would be viewed as substantially complete and which could be improved as better practices emerge over time.

Our multi-disciplinary Advisory Board represents physicians, nurses, dietitians, diabetes educators, psychologists and exercise scientists. The CBOE is 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

We have gained the support of many leaders in the fight to slow, stop and reverse the epidemic of obesity in America and we have begun to build the certification program. 

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View: Certified Obesity Counselor Program.pdf